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Wednesday, 1 January 2020

Alhamdulillah for 2020

Alhamdulillah, we started off 2020 with a strong spirit and feeling so motivated. Each one of us has a vision board and now its time to make it come true.

I overheard a conversation between Yusuf and Muhammad, Muhammad is asking me whether he can help to pay for something that he requested me to buy. As I said "It's ok Muhammad", I heard another voice from far saying
"It's ok abang, no need to pay, nanti bila abang dah besar, abang bawak ajelah Ummi naik kereta Tesla abang tu" I was like urmmm 😓😂😂.

Pandai sangat, mana dia tahu kereta Tesla tu pun tak tahuuu lah 😂😂

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

New Malaysia Under Harapan


"Hi, havent seen you before? Are you new here?"

"Yes! I am new. But I am 60 years old. My name is Malaysia." finally. The whole nation has speak up. If one day I want to recall, this is the day I think my body has pumped a lot of adrenaline. Not even during my viva voce 😄😄. I slept around 3.50 a.m. Still haven't heard anything from EC chairman though that time, and wide awake at 5.30. The usual time I wake up every morning. 

So, honestly, apparently, this is the first time I cast my vote. Yes, you hear me right. First time to exercise my right. There was once GE when we were abroad in the UK. It was GE13. This is the first time the country has witnessed a change of government since independence from British in 1957. 
Alhamdulillah, I still cannot believe that I am alive to see all this, but what I learn from this is

  • There is No Power as high as, as big as, as great as the power of Allah. At some point, you will feel hopeless, but you keep dua, eventhough you cant utter a word because you cry out loud. This teach me that never miss a dua, never loose hope to Allah as he is the one and only that give and take the power from anybody.

  • The person that put you in jail probably the same person that make appeal for you to make you as prime minister. Life is a roller coaster. We never know the truth. Only Allah and that particular person know better. However, again, it s a big lesson for all. Malaysian especially. Probably the most impacted is the person that can remember vividly the 1998 tragedy and the chronology until today. Phew! MasyaAllah.

Now, an unofficial political analyst, signing off.

Sunday, 8 April 2018

My birthday, at Grand Lexis!

So, today is my birthday. Last year, my husband surprised me at the mall. With the whole restaurant sang happy birthday for me (well, probably the restaurant staffs 🤣), while bringing the cake with the candle on. A little bit shy, but well who doesnt like pleasant surprise right?

So, this year, for his birthday I was googling high and low for trick and tricks "surprise for birthday husband". And I could say it works! (Will write a note on that as well). Honestly, I didnt expect anything, well probably just small celebration at fancy restaurant as it is our small family tradition. But when my husband keep asking me what I want for my birthday, after the 50th time, it annoys me. A bit. Since he said he will be very busy during the weekend, need to work as GE 14 is fast approaching. Ok, the adult in me is fine with that but when he keep asking what I want for my birthday. I mean, you are going to be busy but you keep remind me of my birthday. I didnt get the point .

So, on 6th, he brought me out for lunch, at a  fancy restaurant. As this is a rare event (lunch with husband during workdays :D, I squeezed as much as possible my schedule  just to go out with him. Am not that busy anyway. While chatting, suddenly he brought out the birthday card, and small cake. And told me that we are going somewhere. To cut the long story short, here we are, at Port Dickson. Grand Lexis to be exact. We've been eyeing on this hotel since I can remember as the hotel provides private pool in every suite. 

Grand Lexis is so grand. We stayed at premium room, just nice for our small family. They provide a 4 ft pool in each room, a small but specific pantry, a spacious toilet that facing the sea. My husband love it he could fishing day and night but still be with family (which was snoring I guess hehe).

Grand Lexis is so grand, not only the facilities that they provide but also on the customer service. The moment we park our car to ask for direction in front of the lobby, we've been greeted with warmth greetings. The friendly buggy driver (you need to use buggy to go to your room, but they are so efficient) until we have a small problem with our room which the manager quickly solved it by upgraded the room, and even do a follow up after that. 

We were so amazed on how friendly they are, how genuine they treated us like we were a friend for years! The dine in food was the bomb too! we just stayed inside all day and night and ordered dine in as the price was affordable and it was super delicious! This is one of the best birthday treat alhamdulillah alhamdulillah. I just keep saying alhamdulillah all day long :) 

So, here I am today. Writing this for the sake of keeping it as a sweet memory, while facing the Malacca straits and watching my kids playing. 

"and what favor do you deny" Surah Ar Rahman

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

And 2 years later

I've been imagining that I will be posting something on the blog that I have abandoned for quite sometimes, and like finally, today, I managed to post something hahaha.

So, after 3 years after we home, what is the update? Lots of thing! I am now a lecturer, still struggle to place myself in neuroscience research group. My husband, on the other hand, decided to run his own business (on IT and training)  and now alhamdulillah he has 3 software engineers, and 2 training staffs under him, and I am now a mom of 3! What I can say rather than, alhamdulillah..alhamdulillah..alhamdulillah.

Life is not a bed of roses, all the time but I am very grateful for every single moment of it. Hopefully, started from today I can restart my blog again as there are a lot of memory that I need to file and document.

Till then, ta!

Saturday, 17 February 2018

Umrah with Family 2017!

Ya Allah! Alhamdulillah syukur di jemput Allah untuk umrah 2017. Membawa dosa dosa mohon untuk diampunkan, dan membawa hajat mohon Allah perkenankan. Everything is,  we guess a surprise from Allah, as it was so last minute. Moga Allah jemput lagi.

Saturday, 21 November 2015

Muhammad's ikhtifal and The Best Student Award

Last weekend was ihtifal day at Muhammad's Nursery. I think I just have to blog this as a memory to myself/ Friday was report day. I arrived at the nursery around 5ish, Muhammad was at home. Hubbyhad sent him back as my MIL was at home to look after Yusuf.

Honestly, I am not putting any expectation, not to downgrade my son but I dont want to put any pressure to myself let alone to Muhammad. For me and Afif, Muhammad is still young, I try my best not to go with the flow being a kiasu mom, strereotype parents. Moreover, Muhammad is just in nursery for less than 6 month. Despite so happy with his development (selawat/zikir all the time even when we were shopping -____-), again I dont want to put any pressure to me and Muhammad. 

So it's true when people say, low expectation is the key to happiness. I took it as a pleasant surprise when teacher said Muhammad is doing really well at school. My jaw dropped when the teacher mentioned Muhamma is the BEST STUDENT for his class. He got 3 papers full marks and 1 paper 89%.  The teachers added, the best student not only evaluated based on papers alone, it was also  based on akhlak in the class, in short overall performance. Alhamdulillah alhamdulillah. All praises and thanks be to Allah. 

On ihtifal day, Muhammad looked so happy with his best friends, Muazz and Muizz, the twin. I was cry a bucket (of course as a ratu air mata lol). My son is grown up. Now, where's the time fly?

Monday, 25 May 2015

Dont cry are strong!

Life has been so tiring over the past few months after we arrived in Malaysia. Even more since last two weeks for house hunting and such. Last week in between viewing the house to rent Muhammad said "Ummi, let's just go back to Glasgow, we have house there, remember the tall one at 2 Taylor Place.." , he added "I miss everyone". Sometimes, after solat when I asked him to recite doa, dengan kusyuk he will recite "O Allah please give us surga, please give ummi and babah job, please give us house, and please give me school and thank you Allah for everything". Ummi would just cry cry cry 😭😭😭. And he would pat my back and say "Dont cry Ummi, you are strong!" 

Alhamdulillah a'la kulli hal.