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Saturday, 21 November 2015

Muhammad's ikhtifal

Last weekend was ihtifal day at Muhammad's Nursery. I think I just have to blog this as a memory to myself/ Friday was report day. I arrived at the nursery around 5ish, Muhammad was at home. Hubbyhad sent him back as my MIL was at home to look after Yusuf.

Honestly, I am not putting any expectation, not to downgrade my son but I dont want to put any pressure to myself let alone to Muhammad. For me and Afif, Muhammad is still young, I try my best not to go with the flow being a kiasu mom, strereotype parents. Moreover, Muhammad is just in nursery for less than 6 month. Despite so happy with his development (selawat/zikir all the time even when we were shopping -____-), again I dont want to put any pressure to me and Muhammad. 

So it's true when people say, low expectation is the key to happiness. I took it as a pleasant surprise when teacher said Muhammad is doing really well at school. My jaw dropped when the teacher mentioned Muhamma is the BEST STUDENT for his class. He got 3 papers full marks and 1 paper 89%.  The teachers added, the best student not only evaluated based on papers alone, it was also  based on akhlak in the class, in short overall performance. Alhamdulillah alhamdulillah. All praises and thanks be to Allah. 

On ihtifal day, Muhammad looked so happy with his best friends, Muazz and Muizz, the twin. I was cry a bucket (of course as a ratu air mata lol). My son is grown up. Now, where's the time fly?

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